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Science As The Solution

A recent Pew Research poll showed widespread global support for government investment in science and majorities asking for more action on issues such as climate change. University of Delaware faculty are doing their part in the areas of the environment, energy, health and elsewhere. 


Jennifer Horney


Nationally known expert on the pandemic who can provide insight into the vaccine rollout and reopenings. Also studies the impacts of natural disasters on public health.


Doug Tallamy


Best-selling author and fierce advocate for growing native plants to support the food web and biodiversity in place of ornamental plants that create ecosystem-wide problems. 


Yendelela Cuffee


Examines psychosocial and structural factors impacting cardiovascular disease and medication adherence. Works to improve health outcomes for racial and ethnic minorities.


A.R. Siders

Coastal retreat

Core faculty member in UD's Disaster Research Center, she studies climate change adaptation policies, with an emphasis on managed retreat and environmental justice. 

Kelvin Lee - NIIMBL

Kelvin Lee

Science and research

Can discuss the reemergence of research, including current study of Alzheimer's disease. He is director of the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals.

Melissa Melby - Publicity Photo

Melissa Melby

Public health

Studies how environmental factors affect human health and development and how cultural factors influence childhood obesity, mother and child health, menopause and diet.

Kimberly Oremus

Kimberly Oremus

Climate change

Examines the impact of climate change policy on marine environments, and also studies international agreements, marine transboundary issues and fishery economics and management.

Jeremy Firestone - Wind Energy

Jeremy Firestone


Policy scientist who can provide a glimpse at the future of energy: Offshore wind power, renewable energy, climate change policy, wildlife conservation and management.

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