UD and the State of Delaware

State-assisted yet privately governed, the University enjoys a long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship with the First State with a focus on providing access to quality education and building a stronger economy and community for Delaware residents and beyond. 

State appropriations support approximately 11% of the University’s annual operating expenditures, most of which are used entirely to support the cost of educating Delawareans, augmented with funds from the University’s endowment. The University leverages this support to build excellent programs for students, enable research projects that yield state-wide impact and support initiatives that engage and benefit the entire community. 

The table below summarizes the University of Delaware's fiscal 2019 operating expenditures funded by State of Delaware appropriations. More detailed reports can be found at the Vice President of Finance website.



and wages 



and awards

Supplies, travel, and other


Current funds - state appropriations

General unrestricted operations $74,341,559 21,342,861 - - 95,684,420
State scholarships 127,525 - 10,218,800 9,375 10,355,700


College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 2,808,165 1,127,787 - 1,586,848 5,522,800
College of Arts and Sciences 1,738,716 533,262 - 595,122 2,867,100
College of Business and Economics 1,256,995 486,878 - 43,227 1,787,100
College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment 572,701 230,171 - 49,728 852,600
College of Education and Human Development 1,846,862 649,494 - 338,244 2,834,600
College of Engineering 591,264 241,236 - - 832,500
College of Health Sciences 584,162 238,338 - - 822,500

Other programs

Delaware Biotechnology Institute 351,148 156,552 - - 507,700
Diversity Enhancement 77,458 46,955 - 128,887 253,300

Total state appropriations

$84,296,555 25,053,534 10,218,800 2,751,431 122,320,320

"At the University of Delaware, we are committed to preparing our students, especially those from Delaware, to thrive in this ever-shifting landscape. An excellent UD education continues to be accessible and affordable, and new initiatives are helping to meet students’ needs both in and out of the classroom."

- Dennis Assanis, President

Advancing Delaware Students

Talented students and inspiring professors make the University of Delaware a dynamic learning environment, committed to the success of Delawareans.

This year, 7,480 Delawarean undergraduates are enrolled at UD, a record and an increase of more than 16% since 2009.

On average, UD admits 89% of Delawareans who apply, either to Newark or the Associate in Arts program throughout the state. This is far above the out-of-state admission rate of 68%.

1 in 4 Delawarean students come from underrepresented minority groups, up from 1 in 7 a decade ago. 

Our Values

UD is engaged in 350+ partnerships with nonprofits and K-12 schools throughout the state to enhance classroom learning, improve special education, reduce dropout rates and develop administrative expertise. 

Partnership for Public Education 

As the flagship institution for Delaware, UD is fully committed in its partnership with the state to deliver an affordable, world-class education to all qualified Delawareans.

Your State, Your School

The Early College Credit Program will launch in Fall 2020, letting qualified high school juniors and seniors earn a full semester of credits – for free – while taking UD courses online. 

Program Announcement

With a focus on accelerating access, UD creates a number of options to help Delawareans on their academic journey

Test Optional

Delaware applicants can be considered without their standardized test scores (SAT/ACT) if they demonstrate readiness for success.

Associate in Arts Program (AAP)

The Associate in Arts Program is an option for Delaware residents as a starting point for earning their bachelor's degree at UD.

College Readiness Scholars Institute

Open to low-income and first-generation students, CRSI provides free college readiness programming through a summer residential experience and follow-up throughout high school.

Of the Delawareans admitted, an average of 76.4% were admitted to the Newark campus and 23.6% were admitted to the AAP.


Fueling Delaware's Economy

Spending by UD and our people ripples through Delaware, creating an economic engine that benefits the entire state. 

Thanks to their UD degrees, 50,000 alumni in Delaware earn an additional $1 billion a year

UD's $2.8 billion total impact supports 24,450 jobs and generates $86 million in annual tax revenue for the state. 

For every $1 invested by the state, UD generates $23 in Delaware's economy